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Sofia Burau

“Yin and Yang” is how many see us – very different and yet completely complimentary, resulting in a compelling synergy.


Our places of origin – Siberia and California and our types of energy – grounded presence and volcanic enthusiasm – couldn’t be more contrasting. Pam tends to be more individual and detail focused, while Sofia has the big picture and group dynamics in her forefront. Sofia recharges with silent introspection; Pam is a people-loving extrovert.

Pam Kowalski

Career Stats

And - like yin and yang – many components of our lives overlap. We share the same training background as Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches (CPCC), and are graduates of the Leadership Program, both through the Coach Training Institute (CTI), the industry leader in coaching and leadership training. Since 2015, we have been designing and delivering experiential and transformational experiences for our clients, to help them grow and thrive.

Research and analytical thinking make up a huge part of our “past lives”: Sofia holds law degrees from both Russia and Germany, and Pam has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a PhD in Behavior Change. 

It is no surprise, then, that both of us are passionate “learning junkies”. We are constantly expanding our shared toolbox through extensive reading and participation in trainings, including: 

  • ORSC (Organizational and Relationship System Coaching)

  • Search Inside Yourself (Google-based): Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence training

  • Entrepreneurial Coach with Design Thinking

  • Inspired on Demand: Business Training

  • Coaching from Source 

Beyond Work

In addition, we share an adventurous spirit and fulfilled family lives. We have lived internationally, covering 8 countries and 5 ½ languages between us. As fate would have it, we now live within 30 km of each other, near Frankfurt, Germany. We are also mothers and happily married to wonderful partners in supportive relationships. 

Sofia spends her free time with her friends and family in nature, as well as running, meditating and practicing yoga, whenever she’s not dancing. Pam is taking inspiration from Sofia and doing more of these things, too, when she is not deep in a conversation, book or an inspiring podcast, or learning how to do a flip on the trampoline. 

Our Values

Most importantly for our work, our core values are identical. We stand for connection above all, and we invest in building our partnership, in order to better model co-leadership. Fun and joy are a huge part of both of our lives, as are mindfulness and being intentional about the impact we want to have in the world. Other shared values include: authenticity, growth, self-acceptance, presence, and trust. 

And love. Love is the undercurrent of everything we do.

All of these contrasts and commonalities contribute to our uniquely synergetic “yin/yang” relationship. From here, we create a safe, exploratory, fun and powerful space for growth and learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower female leaders (and we are all leaders) through community building, to help them reach their full potential with authentic confidence.

We look forward to hearing how we might best serve you.

Profile picture credit:  © Stefanie Slawski

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