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Find Your Way...through Culture, Expansion and You at Amadeus Women's Network

Dear Find Your Way followers:

In this first issue, we’d like to share with you an exciting experience we had today. We hope there might be something inspiring in it for you, too.

Through the recommendation of one of our Find Your Way Ladies, we were invited to speak at the Women’s Network at Amadeus. This network has just recently been launched in Bad Homburg, yet is an established feature in many Amadeus locations worldwide. We were thrilled to be a part of this important mission of bringing women together to connect, learn from and support each other in the workplace. As you know, this is precisely our thing.

The topic the organizers chose from our list of topics was “Culture, Expansion and You: How to stay authentic during transition, and to grow from it.”

Together, we explored how curiosity, compassion and courage can help expand your acceptance of a new situation, and thus free your energy to find more creative responses, be more resilient and have more fun along the way.

Now we are wondering: How might more curiosity, compassion and courage help you to enjoy your upcoming summer holidays even more?

Could you imagine being curious enough to look at the people and the world around you without judgment? What about being more compassionate with yourself and your needs? What would be possible if you had the courage to allow yourself do whatever YOU want to do for a day (or longer)?

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