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“It was an incredible experience.  I came as a stranger and I left with a community. The connection to the women within our circle was intense. This intense exchange with the other women has nourished me. It is like it has filled a place in my body/heart where there was a vacuum. Since I left the workshop I feel connected to myself and to the other. It has been 1 week since the workshop and this feeling is still there. Thank you!“  Embrace Your Dragon 


Chadia Ghelab

Motivating. Inspiring. Persuading. Pam and Sofia have the power in bringing their message to life.” Self-Confidence Mini-workshop

L. Kasten

"What I feel: Strong, aware, empowered, in touch with and embracing my dragon and knowing what I am destined to do. Love for all these fabulous women and FIERCE love for you trainers!"  Embrace Your Dragon 


Kathie Starks

“Such an inspiring weekend – every woman should have such an experience" Embrace Your Dragon 


“Amazing, rich, meaningful… I would have liked to continue for a week.” Embrace Your Dragon 

Valentina Bedoya

"What make your workshop so beneficial for oneself is that Pam and Sofia combine the standard professionalism expected from life coaches with emotion.  The learning is not dry but because it is connected to ones feeling it, it make it  unforgettable." Vision 2018


Chadia Ghelab

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