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“It was an incredible experience.  I came as a stranger and I left with a community. The connection to the women within our circle was intense. This intense exchange with the other women has nourished me. It is like it has filled a place in my body/heart where there was a vacuum. Since I left the workshop I feel connected to myself and to the other. It has been 1 week since the workshop and this feeling is still there. Thank you!“ 


Chadia Ghelab

"What I feel: Strong, aware, empowered, in touch with and embracing my dragon and knowing what I am destined to do. Love for all these fabulous women and FIERCE love for you trainers!" 


Kathie Starks

“Such an inspiring weekend – every woman should have such an experience


“Amazing, rich, meaningful… I would have liked to continue for a week.”

Valentina Bedoya

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